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Precast Concrete is a unique building material combining visual qualities along with the advantages of prefabrication. Precast allows real flexibility concerning design factors. There are limited restrictions throughout the process. Prefabrication can be undertaken all year round to stated specific designs to suit any project in a variety of shapes and sizes. Steel prefabrication can be mass produced for the units required prior to concrete pour thus enhancing speed of production. Due to the flexibility of design we can incorporate any requirement within each Precast Unit, the options are limitless. All carried out by our professional, highly competent operatives to the highest specifications. By using an accelerant within the concrete the curing time of the concrete is reduced substantially. This means striking of the unit can be done in around 24hrs.

Traceability of building products within the Construction Industry has become increasingly important in recent times and Precast Guarantees this necessity. Each unit has its own identity, a unique number which traces the unit back through the entire process from production to placement. Each project has its own specific file containing all factors within the Precast Process. The following photographs guide you through the Precast Production Process.