INDEX is a manufacturer and erector of precast concrete elements within the Kuwait market that has, over the last twenty years, earned a deserved reputation for product excellence and timely project competition.

We have the ability to design, produce and erect all types of precast concrete from simple structural elements to complex architectural and GRC finishes.

Our talented team pride themselves in their ability to overcome problems of design coordination through a combination of flexibility and innovation, thereby serving the interests of not only their clients, but also providing alternative solutions to the Design Engineers and Consultant Architects.

After many years of dilligent application, INDEX has relocated the factory in the Industrial Area at Mina Abdullah. This presents a golden opportunity to further refine our operations by upgrading our production facilities. The Ministry has agreed to an allotment for INDEX of 40,000m2 where we accommodate the most up-to date facillities.

We set up our facilities in line with the plan appended on the following pages that is accomodating seven production lines for structural elements, two production lines for architectural elements and one production line for glass reinforced concrete – GRC elements. There is sufficient free space within the facility to increase production capacity if the local market so demands

We also append lists of current resources employed by INDEX both at our production facility and at our various sites around the country. Finally we append a list of present and past projects that highlight the caliber of product and work INDEX has and continuous to be able to produce.